About us


PMC was set up in 2018.

Experience had taught us that there was a lot of room for improvement in terms of preparation for Shutdowns and Turnarounds. From this background our motto emerged: “Thinking back is good, but thinking forward is better”. And it is this motto that we work to uphold.

During PMC’s founding period, it became clear that improvements could also be made in the preparation and methodologies employed in all other disciplines. At PMC, with all these disciplines under one roof, it turned out that it was precisely the collaboration and communication between all the disciplines that strengthened and built upon these improvements.

PMC believes that the future lies with young people, as long as they can gain experience in the right environment. It’s for that reason that PMC combines young and experienced members of staff, so people’s internal training can be monitored and managed. This is noticeable from the client’s side because PMC can offer them the right people, and the right combinations of people.

Thanks to our work in the energy, chemical, petrochemical, foodstuff and pharmaceutical sectors we have now grown into a business with skilled employees experienced in a wide range of projects and clients. Every day they dedicate themselves to projects at our clients, at home and abroad.

We are only happy if our clients feel they have been helped and the projects have been successful.

Our mission

As a full service project management, consultancy and engineering firm we deliver flexible and high-quality services in terms of maintenance, turnarounds and new-build projects. This is done with the best people from the industry, to take the weight off our clients’ shoulders and to minimize complexity.

Our vision

To be the most efficient and innovative global partner for turnaround, shutdown, project and engineering solutions.

Our core values


Thinking back is good, but thinking forward is better. Safety is the number one priority in everything we do, and an integral part of our processes and services.


Showing responsibility by fulfilling agreements with our clients. Taking ownership to achieve reliable, successful project results. Being proactive and delivering added value.


Acting in accordance with our clients’ interests.


Working in an ethical and fair way. Being reliable by saying what we do and doing what we say.

Openness, Honesty & Transparency

Communicating in an honest and clear way. Being realistic and not springing any surprises on our clients.

Our assets

  • Extensive network of highly qualified and experienced employees
  • Stability and continuity for your projects or temporary commissions
  • Our employees have no influence on your headcount
  • Administrative ease through monthly invoicing of deliverables
  • Investing in our employees through internal and external training
  • Expertise in construction, maintenance engineering and HSEQ
  • VCA* certified, and employees with a VCA-VOL (Dutch certificate: Safety for Operational Managers)
  • Building and maintaining long-term relationships with clients and employees

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