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PMC is a team of experienced and driven experts who are always on hand to meet all your technical needs. The team is specialised in maintenance, turnarounds and new-build projects and excels in the following diverse disciplines.


Compliance with regulations and conditions around safety, health and environment …

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An unmissable element of a successful project is detailed work planning…

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Quality Assurance is about safeguarding the quality of processes, so that defects …

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Procurement is the process of purchasing goods and services. This can be strategic, tactical …

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Engineering is the “habitat” of engineers who are experts in one or several technical disciplines…

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Project Management is achieved through good organisation, thorough preparation,…

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Effective solutions

Together with our customers we look at what is required, and provide the optimal solution regardless of the size and nature of the work commissioned, ranging from individual specialists to full project teams for the execution of complex investment projects and turnarounds.

Over 500 years of experience

We are a multidisciplinary engineering firm. Together we have over 500 years’ experience in maintenance, turnarounds and new-build projects

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