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Work together with PMC?

Are you looking for technical specialists for your next project? Then we will be very happy to help! From project planning to delivering individual technical experts and project teams, PMC offers the optimum solution.

We are specialised in maintenance, turnarounds and new-build projects in a variety of industrial sectors. Regardless of the size or nature of the work commissioned, PMC aims to satisfy all your wishes and needs through its expertise and years of experience in project support.

Together with our clients, we look at what is required and deliver an optimum solution, ranging from individual specialists to full project teams for the execution of complex investment projects and turnarounds.

Our team of experts comprises a variety of functions and disciplines, which means we can complement your existing project team with the desired expertise for the duration of your project. Our people will work together with your project team on site in an efficient and effective manner to ensure the successful realisation of your project.

Furthermore, with PMC’s own project management team and various project teams, we are able to realise a complete project ourselves, from the engineering to the end phase.